Climate Change - 2019 Fall Speaker Series

Climate Change - 2019 Fall Speaker Series


Earth Climate2019 Fall Speaker Series: Climate Change

At Gateway Science Museum

Co-sponsored by: OLLI - Osher Lifelong Learning Institute and The League Of Women Voters of Butte County

Climate Change: December 5, 2019


“Regenerative Agriculture:  Tools to Remove & Sequester Carbon Dioxide (CO2)”

This panel of four will discuss how local farmers, ranchers and researchers are not only experimenting with, but in some places, already employing ways to curtail the dramatic amounts of CO2 now being released by current agricultural methods.

Daley Non Tillage"Non-tillage" Cynthia Daley, Director Center for Regenerative Agriculture & Resilient Systems, CSU

Will address how the use of regenerative farming practices can reduce Green House Gas emissions, improve soil health, water use efficiency, while reducing air-borne pollutants.

Ekland Hedgerows“Hedgerows”  Roy Ekland, Co-owner, C & R Ranch, Paskenta

Will discuss the use of cover crops and hedgerows on grazing and agricultural lands as a way to store carbon and provide a habitat for more biodiversity

Ekland Grazing“Plant Diversity and Grazing”  Charlotte Ekland, Co-owner, C & R Ranch, Paskenta

Will discuss the role of planned grazing in re-establishing native grasses on their pasture lands.  She will explain how the use of perennial grasses not only requires less water, but also improves the soil and sequesters more carbon.

Fisher Flax“Fiber Crops” Sandy Fisher, Flax farmer

Will explore the possibility of alternative crops for Butte County - crops that are more sustainable with our changing land and climate, and are also attractive to new markets.  Fisher will share her experience with growing flax, a winter crop with much less demand for water and petrochemicals.  In addition, flax attracts pollinating insects for other crops.


Climate Change:  November 14, 2019

Where Are We Now – A County-wide View

 “What’s Happening in Chico, Progress & Plans” Ann Schwab, Chico City Councilmember

Ann SchwabbAnn Schwab has served on the Chico City Council since 2004, and as Mayor from 2008-2012.  Her public service has included all aspects of local government including security, economic development, intergovernmental relations and environmental issues.  She brings a comprehensive view to the need for sustainability in these times of climate crisis.  Schwab will bring us up-to-date on the recent City actions regarding climate change, including The Chico Green New Deal which was announced by fellow council members Brown and Ory just last week. PDF iconPresentation Link

 “Climate Change Education in Butte County Schools” Julie Heath, Schools for Climate Action

HeathDiscussion of the climate crisis must include how are we educating our children to understand and prepare.  Julie Heath is a retired research chemist and volunteer with Schools for Climate Action, an organization whose efforts empower school boards to speak up in a non-partisan way for climate action on behalf of their vulnerable charges.  Heath will talk about what’s going on in Butte County schools.  What is the current state of climate-change-related science curriculum and extracurricular activities?  How are schools addressing their own carbon footprints through building and food-service programs, the addition of electric buses and solar panels?  How will these efforts impact their footprints and budgets? Presentation Link

Resource List for Ed

“Progress in Paradise” Susan Dobra, member of Camp Fire Long Term Recovery Group

DobraSusan Dobra will round out the county-wide view with an update on progress in Paradise.  Dobra and her husband were among the many who lost their home in the Camp Fire.  Last March, Dobra, along with three nurses from The Feather River Hospital, were guests of Senator Bernie Sanders at a Town Hall Meeting about the Camp Fire in Washington D.C. where they also met with Nancy Pelosi.  Since the fire, Dobra has worked with the Camp Fire Long-Term Recovery Group whose official designation is recognized by FEMA, Cal-OES and local governmental agencies in the recovery and re-building of Paradise.  The Long-Term Recovery Group is involved in strategic planning to assure that recovery funds are used wisely to create a safer and more sustainable community.  PDF iconPresentation Link

Climate Change: October 17, 2019

Possibilites for Change in Butte County


Green Financing

PDF icon"Green Financing - How Do We Pay for It?", John Mitchell, Jai J Mitchell Analytics and author of Draft Implementation Planf or Chico [Click for Slide Show]


Food Waste


"Recycling Food Waste to Food", Lee Altier, Professor of Agriculture, CSU Chico, with Jordan Hagstrom


Zero Net Energy


PDF icon"Zero Net Energy, Solar and GRID Alternatives for Butte County", Steve Geiger, Technical Academy Manager and jSolar Installation Officer, GRID Alternatives NV [Click for Slide Show]

Climate Change: September 19, 2019

Climate Change - We Are Living It

A full house at the Gateway Museum last night learned about our local climate change liabilities and a sensible approach to deal with the dangers. Local expert in forest fire management, Don Hankins and Mechoopda tribe environmental teacher Ali Meyers Knight teamed up to explain the effectiveness of prescribed burns for environmental resiliency. Their approach focused on utilizing this natural pattern that we have interrupted for too long

Presentation Recording.

LWVBC member Marvey Mueller introduced the team and opened the four-part speaker series which will continue once a month through December. (Next dates: Oct. 17, Nov. 14 & Dec. 5)


Climate Change Speaker Series