Government: Library

Government: Library

Support a public library system as a basic community service with a long-term, assured, stable, and adequate funding source and support access by all persons to public library services as a major source of knowledge and information necessary for informed, active participation in a democratic society.
Position In Brief: 

1. Increase recognition of the essential nature of public libraries in a democratic soci­ety:

a.    Provision of library services for and to all potential users.

b.    Provision of adequate hours of service including evening and weekend hours.

c.     Provision of library resources in keeping with new ideas and technological advances, with an easy-to-use retrieval system.

d.    Provision of adequate professional and non-professional paid staff.

2. Promote measures to insure the efficiency and economy of library services:

a.    Consolidation of library functions or systems to achieve cost effectiveness which would not adversely affect the quality of service.

b.    Continue the use of volunteers to SUPPLEMENT paid staff.

3. Support improvement of library facilities to increase accessibility.

4. Support long-term, assured, stable, and adequate funding for public libraries:

a.    Public libraries should be funded by government,

b.    Encourage private contributions to augment library facilities and services.


Position History: 

Emergency Study, 1990

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Butte County