Natural Resources: Transportation

Natural Resources: Transportation

Support balanced systems of transportation providing mobility with efficiency and safety. Reduce dependence on the single occupant automobile by providing safe, interconnected modes of transportation.
Position In Brief: 

1.      Encourage public transportation, safe and convenient bicycle thoroughfares, paths, walkways and footbridges that allow the public safe, viable alternatives to trips by automobile. Support education and programs that encourage the public to use cars prudently.

2.      Support highway planning that will route heavy and industrial through-traffic off downtown and residential streets.

3.      Support door-to-door services for handicapped and elderly citizens.

4.      Support fixed-route bus systems within Butte County that are connected to other transportation systems.

5.      Support the concept that a secure and economically vigorous community needs an airport to provide fire protection and disaster relief, meet medical needs, and provide other time-sensitive services.

6.      Support development at airports and their surrounding areas that conforms to regulatory guidelines, represents compatible land use and provides protection from cumulative encroachments by high density or other sensitive developments that may restrict aircraft operations.

7.      Support transportation programs addressing air quality.

Position History: 
Created April 1983

Revision and Update, 1997



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