Social Policy: Juvenile Justice

Social Policy: Juvenile Justice

Support of programs providing humane professional services that emphasize early identi¬fication of needs and prevention of problems confronting the youth of Butte County.
Position In Brief: 

1.    Support the need for adequate funding and coordination of resources for services to youth.

2.    Support the establishment of “warm-supportive” places, such as youth drop-in centers.

3.    Support the establishment of crisis counseling services including a 24-hour crisis telephone, drop-in day care service for troubled youth.

4.    Support for adequate psychological counseling services both in and out of the public school system, including free or sliding-scale fee schedules.

5.    Support the development of alternative care, in lieu of Juvenile Hall, for youth.

6.    Continued support of the educational program at Juvenile Hall.

7.    Support services providing adequate health and mental health care, including pre­vention and treatment of substance abuse and sexual abuse.

8.    Support programs to provide education and services to alleviate the problems of teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases.

Position History: 
One-Year Study, 1972
Updates and Revisions in 1977, 1984 – 1987, and 2015


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