Social Policy: Social Services Funding by Local Governments

Social Policy: Social Services Funding by Local Governments

Support funding of social services to alleviate unmet needs of the citizens of Butte County through a combination of local government and private sector grants.
Position In Brief: 

Support the concept that:

1.    the funding of social services for the primary basic needs of food and shelter should essentially be provided by the Federal Government; and

2.    that the other basic needs of education, medical (including physical and mental health needs), employment, and protective services should be met by a combina­tion of funding through the Federal Government supplemented by state and local governments.


Objectives of this Position:

1.    Support city and county governments in their efforts to explore and achieve fund­ing resources for social services.

2.    Promote and encourage cooperative and coordinated funding efforts between private and social service agencies and local governments.


Position History: 

One-Year Study, 1985 - 1986
Reviewed and Clarified, 1992


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Butte County