Advisory Boards and Commissions

Advisory Boards and Commissions

The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara supports the implementation of stricter guidelines for compensation establishment/increase for elected officials/appointed board and commission members. The League also support public knowledge of such changes.
Position History: 

Established 1980; Updated 1990.

Support of the following criteria to be used when determining the amount of compensation, if any, for elected officials/appointed board and commission members (This consensus does not apply to full-time elected officials in administrative positions):

  • Complexity of position, number of functions, size of budget, number of constituents.
  • Time demands of the position, within reasonable limits.
  • Level of responsibility, final or advisory decisions.

Support of an independent commission to recommend the amount of compen­sation or changes in compensation to the elected body, which could not approve an amount exceeding the recommendation. Changes in compensation for all members of an elected body should become effective following the next election.

Support for reimbursement of advisory boards and commissions for allowable expenses only.

The public should be informed regarding salary paid and benefits available to elected officials.

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