The League of Women Voters of Santa Barbara supports comprehensive planning for the South Coast, recognizing that harmony between people and the community in which they live is the ultimate goal of comprehensive land use planning.
Position History: 

Reworded 1996Amended 2004.


  • General Plans which reflect the critical limits of population densities that follow upon community carrying capacity through studies at least every five years covering the effect of these densities upon the citizens and the environment; zoning regulations which conform to the General Plan.
  • Balance the South Coast annual growth rate against the resources of the environment. 
  • Building height limitations for the city of Santa Barbara specified in the charter.
  • Land use decisions which coordinate with water supply planning.
  • Preservation of natural drainage channels, park sites, beach access and green belts.
  • Consideration of land primarily as a limited natural resource with an accommodation of private ownership to public need. 
  • Preservation of natural beauty as an important economic factor.
  • Long term, comprehensive planning for oil and gas development that considers cumulative impacts, socio-economic as well as environmental.

Within this framework, case by case permitting should be accommodated at a rate that allows careful consideration of each project.

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