Support Safe, Accessible Elections

Support Safe, Accessible Elections

Safer Voting

In the last hour of the legislative session, the Missouri General Assembly approved changes to the absentee ballot process that Governor Mike Parson signed in early June. SB631 allows voters over the age of 65 or who have an underlying condition the CDC says puts them at higher risk of COVID-19 to request an absentee ballot that doesn't require a notary.

The new legislation for 2020 elections adds a new excuse for other Missouri voters to request a mail-in ballot during the COVID-19 pandemic but those ballots must be notarized. The conference committee did eliminate strict Photo ID requirements and changes to the initiative petition process for citizens that the League opposed. 

Missouri League and NAACP are appealing a Cole County Circuit Court ruling in an absentee ballot lawsuit to the Missouri Supreme Court. The court could waive the notary requirement for all mail-in ballots for 2020 elections. The League believes voters should not have to put their health at risk to vote. 

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