Add Google Analytics Global Site Tag to MyLO Site

Add Google Analytics Global Site Tag to MyLO Site

Add Google Analytics Global Site Tag to MyLO Site

Use Your Own Google Analytics

screenshot of Google Analytics tracking code fieldWe have now added a new field to your League’s home page. You can use this field to add your own Google Analytics tracking code (Global Site Tag) to your site, allowing you to track your analytics without relying on LWVC to do this for you!

Keep reading to find out how you can activate Google Analytics reporting for your MyLO site. Your set of instructions is dependant on your current Google account status. For example, if you already use Google/Gmail, you will start with Path 2.

To begin, first figure out where you/your League stand with your Google account, then choose from one of four available paths below as your starting point.

  1. If you need to set up your Google/Gmail account, start with Path 1.
  2. If you are new to using Google Analytics, start with Path 2.
  3. If you use Google Analytics and need to set up a new property, start with Path 3.

Each Path will lead to the Final Steps for plugging in your tracking code to your MyLO site.

About Properties

In reference to Google Analytics, a property refers to a resource associated with a property ID in the tracking code. This means that once you add a property ID into the Google Analytics tracking code that you will add to your MyLO landing page, your League’s site is then considered property. With this property tracked, you will receive performance data for your League’s site.


Final Steps: Add Tracking Code to MyLO Site

With the Google Analytics Global Site Tag now safely copied to your clipboard, we are ready to plug it into the landing page of your MyLO site to begin tracking.

  1. While on your League’s landing page, click ‘New Draft’ or ‘Edit Draft’ if you have an existing draft.
  2. Scroll to the section titled Advanced Settings and expand it.
  3. Find the field labeled Google Analytics Tracking Code and make sure that it is set to "Full HTML (use with care)" (and that you do not see the visual editor/WYSIWYG buttons above the text field).
  4. Paste your code into this field. (e.g. begins with <!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->)
  5. Scroll to the very bottom to adjust your moderation settings to Publish, and save your home page.
  6. Check your analytics for real-time tracking!

Please note: The Google Analytics results may take anywhere from 24-48 hours to generate.

**Existing Google Analytics Users: How To Create a New Analytics Account

If you already use Google Analytics for other websites or apps, you can create a new account if needed. An account is the highest level of organization within your Google Analytics. An account organizes your properties, and general preferences like your data sharing settings. You can have up to 100 Analytics accounts. To create a new account:

  1. click +Create Account:
  2. Assign an Account Name.
  3. Provide a Website Name (i.e. LWV Demo City MyLO site).
  4. Copy and paste your Website URL from your MyLO site, leaving out “https://” as this portion is selected from the drop-down provided. Be sure to exclude any trailing slashes after the URL text (e.g.
  5. Choose an Industry Category that best fits the site’s organization.
  6. Adjust the Reporting Time Zone settings as needed.
  7. Data Sharing Settings: You can adjust how you share your Google Analytics data with Google. Read more about data sharing settings here.
  8. Click Get Tracking ID. This will also generate the Google Site Tag code. Copy this code to your clipboard for the next section of steps. Your property is created after you click this button, but you must add the global site tag to your site to collect data.
  9. Once you've completed this set of instructions, follow to the Final Steps.

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