Students register to vote at Columbus State Community College

May 7 Primary Election

May 7 Primary in Delaware County 

There are three candidates — one Democrat and two Republicans — certified to the ballot for the Delaware Municipal Court clerk position by the Board of Elections. The only Democrat, Emma Jones, is already certified to appear on the ballot in November, since she is unopposed by another Democrat. Depending on the outcome of the Republican primary, she will either face Cindy Dinovo, the incumbent, or Kris Jordan, who was elected as representative of the 67th District in the Ohio House of Representatives in November.

There were no Democrats who elected to run for any of the Judge positions on the May 7 ballot. 

This means:

  • There are ballots for Republicans as there is a primary for the county-wide seat.
  • There is no Democratic ballot on May 7. 
  • If you are a Democrat, you can still vote if there are issues in your precinct. You can do this by asking for an “issues only” ballot. 
  • Independents are, per usual, invited to vote on “issues only” ballots if there are issues in your precinct.
  • If you are a Democrat and live in an area with no Issues, the only way to vote in the primary for the county-wide seat is to change your party affiliation to Republican per Ohio election law (same would be true in the opposite scenario with Republicans if there were no primary candidates in their party.) 
  • Your party affiliation will remain the same as the one you declare (by voting in a primary on a party ticket) at this election until the next primary election with a candidate in your preferred party. 

The following issues will appear on the May 7 ballot only in the precincts indicated:

  • Village of Ashley has a property tax renewal levy for parks and recreational purposes.
  • Delaware City School District has two measures: One for a property tax renewal levy to provide permanent improvements. The second is for a bond issue for constructing school facilities; renovating, repairing, improving and constructing additions to existing school facilities;…and acquisition of land and interest in land.
  • Tri Township Fire District is asking voters to approve a property tax renewal levy for providing and maintaining fire apparatuses, appliances, buildings … etc.
  • City of Columbus precincts have issues to vote on.
  • Part of one precinct of Northridge School District is in Delaware County, and they have an income tax and bond issue.
  • Precinct Orange G has a liquor permit on the ballot.

 The League of Women Voters of Delaware County

The Delaware County League of Women Voters believes that we can all make a difference to enhance our democracy. We can do this by educating ourselves about the issues and the candidates and then casting our vote.

To this end, we carry out various activities including: 

  • candidate forums
  • voter registration drives
  • voter education events with the Board of Elections
  • prepare and post Voter Guides using

We contact all candidates for major offices and compile information to create a voter's guide for every general election Delaware, Ohio. You just have to enter your address to find your polling place and create your own personalized voters' guide where you wil  find everything you need to vote! With your personalized guide, you will:

  1. see everything that will be on your ballot,
  2. compare candidates' positions side-by-side,
  3. print out a personalized ballot with your choices to take with you on Election Day.

Voting in Ohio

If you are interested in learning more about voting in Ohio, you can visit the Secretary of State's website. You can find voting rules, a calendar with all the relevant dates, and your polling place.