Guidelines for Delegation of Funds

Guidelines for Delegation of Funds

Occasionally the League of Women Voters-Whitewater Area (LWV-WW) may decide to make a donation on behalf of the LWV-WW to an organization. Delegating some of our funds presents an excellent opportunity to increase our impact and visibility within the community. Ground rules for doing so are necessary, as we must proactively maintain our non-partisanship and 501(c)(3) status and fiduciary responsibilities.

Examples of Donations

  • In memory of or in honor of a League member
  • In response to a request of financial assistance from the League
  • To help an organization with their fundraising activities

Guidelines for Donations

  1. Donation to organizations will further the LWV-WW mission and agenda.
  2. Donation to the organization must not compromise the League's non-partisanship.
  3. The organization receiving a donation or help with fundraising activities must not jeopardize the LWV-WW policies, mission or goals. If this should occur the Board has the right to rescind its support.
  4. The organization must work effectively to carry out their own mission and have a good reputation of being reliable.
  5. The organization embraces the values of diversity, equity and inclusion.
  6. The organization is transparent on their use of the funds they receive.
  7. Donation to the organization must not jeopardize our own budget and must justify time expended.
  8. There are clear strategic benefits to the League for donating to the organization, such as increasing visibility, helping the LWV-WW achieve its mission and agenda, providing meaningful activities for members or getting the League deeper into target communities.
  9. The LWV-WW Board must approve requests for donation by majority vote to have funds delegated to an organization or individuals.
  10. The recipient must use the donation for its stated purpose and may not be diverted to another purpose without LWV-WW Board permission.
  11. Requests for financial assistance or fundraising must be made in writing.
  12. A request to donate in memory or honor of a LWV-WW member may be done verbally.
  13. There must be no conflict of interest between the LWV-WW and the recipient of the support.

Board Approved: August 1, 2020