Voting and Elections

Voting and Elections

Act Now To VOTE ABSENTEE for August 11, 2020 Primary Election

Do you want to VOTE SAFE FROM HOME for the August 11th Election?

The League of Women Voters urges voters to please act as soon as possible. Do not wait for the August 6, 2020 deadline for your mail-in request to be processed. Any qualified person who is already registered to vote at their current address may apply to Vote Absentee.

Here is how to go about it:

  1. Request the Application for Absentee Ballot Form from
    1. Make your request for the August 11 and November 3, 2020 elections.
    2. Mail request to your Municipal Clerk’s Office along with your Photo ID. (If you already have a Photo ID on file with Clerk, you can send your request directly from
  2. Upon receipt of your Absentee Ballot in the mail, please note that it will contain: Instructions, Ballot and Return Stamped Envelope
    1. Fill out Ballot using black or blue ink.
    2. A witness* must confirm that you filled out the ballot.
    3. Place Ballot in pre-addressed and stamped envelope.
    4. Voter must sign and date the envelope. A witness* must sign and write their address on the envelope.
    5. Seal envelope and mail ballot to City Municipal Clerk’s Office.

*The League of Women Voters understand that some sheltering-in-place voters might not have access to a witness to sign their Ballot Envelopes. We are happy to provide League Members who will safely come to your doorstep with mask and social distancing to be your witness. Please Make your Vote Count. Please contact Julia Ross at 262 581-5411 for arrangements.